TR – Mobile Hotspot with Unlimited 4G Connection

A weightless new device with 4G speed connection that can fit in your pocket. Thanks to Truly unlimited data plan and wide coverage area that covers anywhere in Turkey.


  • Small and lightweight Mobile Hotspot with 4G speed connection
  • Don’t pay to roam – Avoid expensive data roaming charges
  • Truly unlimited data plan without speed limitation*
  • Ability to connect up to 10 devices at the same time: Such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Powerbank is included to every reservation for extra battery life.


Buying a sim card or using roaming is expensive and time consuming. Renting a Mobile Hotspot in Turkey gives you the ability to use unlimited data plan until your Pocket WiFi rental ends and it is easier to use as a group or family. Use the time to buy a sim card to travel around and enjoy your vacation. Let us deliver your Portable WiFi to you at your Hotel, Airbnb or partnered Airport. Use the Mobile Hotspot instead of sim cards or roaming plans and save on your time and money!

  • Unlimited plans are subject to fair usage policy.
  • Unlimited data usage is subject to fair usage policy of mobile operator
  • All device’s by Rent’n Connect.
    For reservation;