Delivery and Returns

It can be canceled at least 3 hours before the reservation transfer date without paying any additional fee. Otherwise, 100% fee will apply.

For airport transfers 90 minutes free waiting time. After the landing of the plane. For non-airport transfers 20 minutes free waiting time. After the free waiting period, 5 EURO is applied per 20 minutes.

Two (2) extra STOP permits, each for 20 minutes, are allowed and an additional fee of 10 Euro per stop is charged.

To meet at the airport The driver will wait in front of those who arrive at the airport. For non-airport transfers The driver will wait at the hotel entrance.

In case of no transfer, 100% deduction is made and no refund is given.

The transfer is due to the vehicle 30 minutes late from us. If there is no meeting with the Transfer 3E Reservation assistant, the 30% fee is refunded to the customer.

Your driver may need to communicate with you, so your phone must be on and be able to receive calls and texts for the duration of the reception.

You can book more than one vehicle in a reservation and you will be charged accordingly.

Round Trip Reservations can also be made and you will be charged accordingly.

Alcohol and smoking are also prohibited by law, and fines belong to the customer. If you do not follow this rule, cleaning fee will be charged.

Child seats can be used for a fee of 5 EURO per seat.

If you want your driver to wait extra time, please contact the driver directly. All additional costs will be paid to your driver directly in the local currency (according to the real-time exchange rate) and will be included in the invoice.