Corparation Transportation

Service is our special transportation service for our corporate customers. Within this service, we provide transportation services for all kinds of organizations, meetings and events related to the business of our corporate customers.

We are aware of the importance of timely and secure transportation for meeting meals, entertainment organizations, business meetings and many other business events of private companies. Among the customer profiles that prefer our company, our corporate customers have additionally importance. You can be sure that the safety, technical, hygienic and general maintenance of our vehicles are complete in our corporate transfer services according with this importance.

As we attach importance to fully equipped vehibles which allow us to express our service quality in the best possible way, we also provide our corporate customers with relevant and smile-faced personnelwho understand, manage and regulate the transportation servicerequests in the best possible way. In this way, you can reach our company for any kind of organization and we will provide you a complete, timely, reliable and comfortable transportation service.